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A View From The Beach Kings Kamp Key Largo, Florida

What does paradise look like? The answer must lie within the perspective of the viewer. For me, being of simple tastes and expectations, paradise can appear quite often, the trick is, to recognize it. I came across a scene that hinted of paradise while sitting on bench gazing upon Blackwater Sound, Key Largo, Florida. The bench, with weathered yellow paint, sat at the edge of the water as tiny waves, more like ripples, lapped up gently on the white sand near my feet. The mesmerizing, repetitious sound had a calming effect on my stressed nerves. Just off shore, a white sail boat floated peacefully at anchor. To my right, two piers, one made of wood, the other concrete, soil and palm trees reached into the blue waters. At the far end of each, benches rested under thatched canopies. Along the piers, moored boats rocked and bobbed with the rhythm of the water. A gentle, salty sea breeze came in off the water, bending the branches of the palm trees to and fro as if waving a welcome. The breeze, not cold, not hot, not harsh, but just right, brushed lightly across my face. The birds seemed to appreciate the breeze, seagulls soared high overhead, a pelican made a long glide just above the water before settling down while other feathered creatures chatted in the trees. Far beyond the piers the dark blue waters of the sound spread out and met the light blue sky. On the horizon floated a single line of puffy clouds, like someone had taken a can of whip cream and made one pass along the distant sky. The clouds, with white tops and gray bottoms just hung there, motionless. All the while sitting on the bench, tiny ripples in the water spilled out on the beach with their soothing effect. As I sat there taking in the experience, the harmony of scenery, birds and weather, a man approached with two small dogs and saw what I did. “It doesn’t get any better than that,” he said. My thoughts exactly....
-Jonathan B
New York
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